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Apukka Resort`s


The surroundings of Apukka Resort offer the most marvelous possibilities for exploring the winter wonderland of Lapland. Whether you are searching for the Northern Lights, wish to try your skills on a snowmobile or maybe have always dreamt of dog sledding in the midst of the snowy landscapes, this is the place for you! Have a look at winter activities and combine the Aurora excursions, snowmobile and husky safaris, Finnish sauna experiences and all the other thrilling winter activities we have to offer into the adventure of your dreams! No matter if you are staying overnight in Apukka Resort or Rovaniemi city, Apukka Resort offer something for everyone. 


- Northern Lights Tours

- Husky Tours

- Snowmobile Tours

- Reindeer Tours

- Finnish Experience Tours


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Reservations for transport
When booking, please state the number of people and the date you wish to participate in the activities.


Ranua Zoo


Want to see wildlife in Finland? Ranua Zoo has a chance.

At Lady Taxi you can order private transport to Ranua.

Prices include round-trip transportation as well as max. 2 hour wait at the destination.

Admission tickets are not included.


  • 1-4 people 280 €
  • 5-6 people 320 €


It is a good idea to order transportation as early as possible before departure. However, no later than 3 pm on the previous day. Cancellation must be made no later than 5 pm the previous night.


You can make a reservation by email or Facebook Lady Taxi/Rovaniemi


From this link you can see the ticket prices and opening hours of Ranua Zoo

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